Wedding Vows - What do I do???

Don't be freaked out by writing your Vows because I hear this a lot, "Where the hell do I start Jeff!?! I'm freaking out!" That might be because you've heard terrible Vows at other weddings and this is probably because their celebrant gave them an outdated resource for their inspiration. I supply all of my couples with a gem of a wedding vows resource and here's a few Tips below:

I'm here to tell you to keep it REAL. We don't want to hear anyone but You laying it down to your life partner. Speak Authentically in your Own Language, is there really any other option!? Keep it Sweet, don't drag them out to 2 pages worth, find that right equilibrium that isn't too short but not long.Do not Google your Vows, they will be average and something we've heardI Do not do the Repeat After Me scenario, I think it's quite shite. I print your Vows out onto a card to read from in the ceremony.There's no Right or Wrong here. Write a love letter, list some promises, create a poem or just tell us How It Is!!!! If you're going to keep it a Surprise from each other, send them through and I can measure them up for Vibe & Content.

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