Name Changing Advice for LGBTQ+ Couples

Whether you stick with your own last names, make them match or pick something entirely new, the choice is yours.

One of the many great things about marriage today is there really are no established rules—selecting a surname is completely up to you. "The lack of precedence for LGBTQ+ marriages means there are no 'tradition police' to say whose name to take.

Decisions, Decisions

So—how do you figure out the best name for your family?

Careful consideration is a must. This is a big commitment and shouldn't be a rash decision. Think about your entire family. One partner may have a negative association with their family name. Another may have built a career on their moniker.

The point is to find a clear balance between individual and family identifications.

Sticking with the Originals

Keeping your own individual surnames is a popular practice among LGBTQ+ couples. Many go this route as a way to show gender-neutral equality within the marriage.

Matching Monikers

Some couples prefer to have one last name for the sake of coherence and for recognition by the rest of the world.

It's also a good idea to have one common name if you have kids.

This way, no matter where you are, you'll instantly be recognized as a family.

Choosing which of your names to take can be as simple as going with the one you both like best.

Naming Anew

Here's the fun part: Since there are no guidelines, you can come up with an entirely different surname that both of you take.

You might create something using the letters from your two names, pick a name that best represents your new family or, if you don't want to lose your original names, consider keeping both by putting a hyphen in between them.

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