Have an Eco Friendly Wedding

By Bec Wilson from Polka Dot Bride.

What better time to celebrate the beautiful earth or make good on any of your eco related resolutions for the year than at your wedding. We have been inspired by the large number of companies taking a stance on environmental issues and embracing alternative products that do less harm to our world.

With all that in mind, this month, in homage to our planet we have rounded up some top tips for you to have a more environmentally conscious wedding. Ditch your pen and paper and jot this one down on your electronic to do list instead.

Say no to confetti Whilst it is tempting to have one of those Instagram worthy photos leaving your wedding venue while your guests shower you in confetti, it’s actually quite harmful to our environment and wildlife, not to mention you will be polluting your wedding venue with the tiny specs of confetti that are hard to get rid of.

Confetti is difficult to tidy up and depending on how it is made it might not be biodegradable, and if left sitting in the soil the dye can be damaging to our environment. As an alternative insist the support of your most crafty friends for a day of DIY. Purchase a hole punch and rummage through your gardens for some leaves. Use your hole punch to make small circles in each leaf for an eco-friendly confetti. Alternatively, speak to your florist about doing confetti made from flower petals.

Fancy a vegetarian reception? For anyone looking to be more conscious reducing your meat consumption is one of the first steps. Whilst some go completely meat-free others opt for an alternative like meat-free Mondays. Livestock farming is said to contribute to approximately 18 per cent of human produced greenhouse gas emissions. By having a meat-free reception not only will you be reducing greenhouse gases and encouraging your guests to take a stance, but you’ll also be making a small impact against deforestation, biodiversity loss and water degradation.

Wedding favours with a purpose

Have you thought about giving seeds as wedding favours? Not only are they gender neutral so you won’t have to worry about getting multiple types of favours, but they will also serve as a longer lasting memory of your wedding. Your guests will love growing their own plants whether they be flowers or herbs that they can add to a delicious home cooked meal. Say no to traditional favours made from harmful materials and in non-ethical ways and opt for a favour that won’t just be stored away after the big day.

A conscious lead-up Bridal showers and hens’ parties, particularly those thrown from home can be a nightmare for anyone who is looking to be more waste free. At such large events plastic is often the go to for convenience but there are alternatives.

Straws: No plastic straws for your cocktails purchase paper or stainless steel ones instead.

Napkins: Plenty of stores stock cheap cloth napkins that can be used time and time again and are easy to clean. Look for cloth napkins made from sustainable cotton and to help offset emissions, shop locally or avoid buying products that are not made in Australia. They are far easier to find than you may think, Kmart even stocks them now in a variety of colours, so no excuses!

Games: It might be hard to find plastic free alternatives to games you might play at these types of events so why not try your hand at DIY. Gather your closest friends and make some sustainable products instead, you could try make shampoo bars, deodorant and even have a vegan cook off!

Go paperless Ditch the wedding planner and get app savvy! There are plenty of apps like ‘WeddingHappy’ available to help guide you through your wedding planning. They cover important things like your to-do list, budget, deadlines and can be shared with your partner or the bridal party.

Now that you’re an expert in eco-friendly weddings, inspire your friends to do the same and be part of the sustainable movement.

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