Baby its cold outside.....

Winter weddings can be fantastic, no flies, heatwaves and sweat.

Here are some tips to ask your venue about your Winter wedding.

Naturally you want to make sure you capture some seriously gorgeous pictures on your special day. For some couples, this involves being outdoors regardless of what the temperature may be. Ask the venue where the best locations are for photos and any logistics for that particular area.


Low temperatures mean lots of layers. As most of your guests will be bringing hats, coats and scarves, it's a good idea to have somewhere they can be easily stored. Ask the venue if they have somewhere designated for this. If there isn't a room allocated, ask if somewhere can be made available.


It's proven that winter is the least chosen season to get married. For majority of couples, this is due to the weather and the restrictions it applies. As this is the case, many venues will offer discounted prices or special deals for the winter months. Be sure to ask about anything that is available. Remember, always save money where you can!


If you have been out in the snow or severely cold weather, there is a strong change that your clothes will be damn or cold. Arrange a room at the reception where you are able to dry off and change before the festivities begin. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable at your reception!


A winter wedding may just be a little bit chilly and it may be perfectly ok to stay in that temperature for the duration of the ceremony. If temperatures drop more or it begins to snow, that can change plans for the big day. Be sure to ask the venue if there is a Plan B in case of a drastic weather change.


It's safe to say that most weddings have alcohol available, but should this change for a winter wedding? Whilst the temperature shouldn't change what you wish to offer you guests, it may inspire you to add some extra options. Find out if it's possible to have warm drinks available as well. A hot chocolate or coffee bar work wonderfully!


Will there be heaters or outdoor fires? Find out what the venue will provide in each of the areas that you may occupy. It is also worth thinking about whether or not you want to personally provide items for your guests, such as blankets or mittens.


Be sure to ask what your options are in terms of the ceremony and reception. Are outdoor areas available? Are they shielded from the wind? Will everyone fit comfortably? How cold will they be? Be sure to run through options and pick what is best for you and your guests.

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